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Immerse yourself in a tailored Fantasy Open World

A 3 sessions bundle for 4 to 6 players, that guarantees fun and character development, this is our most inclusive package deal with countless features, here are some:

LMA will world build an entire region

The world building is in the form of a raw sketch, it is not meant to be shared with the players therefore it can mantain a rougher look

This region that LMA will create ensures a more fluid game, where the players can move freely anywhere in the map as if it was an open world game

Build your empire and watch it grow

LMA’s illustration services combined with the Role-playing software platform Roll20 allows you to physically explore the maps by dragging your token on it. This full immersion experience allows

As you rise as an adventurer you might make the city more prosperous or more in shambles. LMA will illustrate the changes in the town and update it for the following game

Get your favourite moment illustrated

Included in the pacakge deal is one Illustration of your favourite moment of the whole campaign, chat with your group and choose what you want to imortalize in a picture

It does not include a Group shot of the whole party. Maximum one of your party’s characters can be potrayed in the illustration

Service includes:
  • Three 3-4 hour sessions part of a single story arc with LMA
  • Original LMA story
  • Pre-made characters or assistance in character creation
  • Skype or Discord chat with direct contact with LMA
  • Priority booking for new sessions over new groups and single sessions

Order Here in 2 steps

Step1: Let us know when you would like to schedule your session and other details

Step 2: Secure your game by purchasing the requested service

‘Not all those who wander are lost’

J.R.R. Tolkien
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