Dungeons&Dragons is a game. It boosts your self expression, creativity and opens windows into your very being.

It is a game, but it’s core consists in developing the unique human traits of cooperation and comunity, both based on fantasy.

Book LMA as DM
Single D&D session
  • 3-4 hours game
  • Original Story
Book LMA as DM
Original Campaign in 3 session
  • 3-4 hours games
  • Tailored Story
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After picking a date and securing your game through payment, sessions will be held preferably on Roll20 or else on Discord or Skype either in English or Italian.

There is a required minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6. A session’s cost per player if split between all players equals to 10$ if in 6 or 15$ if in 4.

The original campaign bundle guarantees one snapshot illustration of your adventure.

Any large-scale human cooperation is rooted in common myths that exist only in people’s collective imagination’

Yuval Noah Harari

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